We believe if you reform the way you train you will reform your results.  Our training methodologies and practices are what sets us apart. Unlike traditional weight training we do not focus solely on developing absolute strength.  Athletic performance and physical fitness do not rely on strength alone so why train that way?


At Reform Athletics we take a different approach to ensure our clients get the results they desire. We focus on the fundamentals that are proven to improve athletic performance and physical fitness.  This includes: balance; coordination; flexibility; muscle control; joint mobility and explosive power.


To help our clients achieve their personal fitness or athletic goals we utilize a variety of equipment and tools that you won't see in a traditional fitness facility.  Our Accelerating Isokinetic Machine(ISO) has revolutionized traditional strength training and it is the first of its kind in Western Canada.  To complement the ISO we also use a Plyometric machine to improve explosive power.  Through this type of functional strength training our clients will see improvements in speed strength, explosive strength, and starting strength which are imperative to athletic performance. 


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Our programs are for everyone, whether you are a high performance athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or just starting.  We customize your plan for your goals.  Working in our studio, on a one- on-one basis, each of our clients is given the attention and tools they need to succeed.