RETHINK: Changing it up to get results

Every athlete, in all sports, is pushed to improve and achieve higher results from one sport performance to the next. Sports are continuously evolving. Even athletes at the top of their sport are expected to be faster, stronger, and better than they were last year.

For athletes traditional weightlifting has always been the standard. Traditional weightlifting focuses primarily on building strength. Athletes, however, require more than absolute strength to excel in sport. Sports demand much more. Yet, still they question why they are not achieving their sport goals.

At Reform Athletics we address the limitations of traditional weightlifting and challenge you to RETHINK how you train. We incorporate ALL of the areas proven to get results and improve overall athletic performance including: strength, balance, agility, speed, power, rhythm, coordination and timing.

To prove that our modality of training can improve sport performance we will be following one athlete as he RETHINKs his training. Our blog series will follow his block cycle of training at Reform Athletics and show you how and why our system of training gets results.

Starting next week we challenge you to RETHINK what you know about strength training.

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