About Gord


As a personal trainer for over 17 years I've worked with a variety of athletes and trainers.  I have always been quite active in sport and in the gym. While playing football at the University of Manitoba (96-99), I was introduced to Olympic Lifting and proper strength training. I also played rugby in the Rugby Canada Super League and had the opportunity to go play semi-pro rugby in Ireland for 5 seasons.


While in Ireland I was able to view training sessions with the Irish Rugby National Team and the Connacht Eagles. One training system they used was a SAQ International which focuses on developing speed, agility and quickness.  Seeing the benefits this training had on sport performance I pursued my diploma with SAQ International as a master trainer. 


After coming back to Winnipeg, I received my CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist), my NCCP Level II certification in Olympic Lifting and TPI(Titleist Performance Institute) certification.  With these certifications I was able to work with many high performance athletes through the Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba including:  Team Canada Volleyball, triathletes, and a Para-Olympic tennis player.  I also worked with Rugby players, US College level Hockey Players, and a pro golfer. 


Through the years I've studied different training systems and incorporated different aspects of training practices to suit my client's unique needs.  I always consider the logic, functionality, safety, and, of most importance, the quality of training it gives my clients. 


My current training practices are based on my training thus far with new principals based on the research and new training I have done over the last 7 years.  The equipment I use and my training methods are based on the research and practices of the Russian scientist, Yuri Verkoshansky, and the Californian based team at Sport Science Lab.  What stood out to me was their attention to the impact of strength training and neuromuscular intensification and how this affected overall fitness and athletic performance.

After meeting with Gavin MacMillan and Sazi Guthrie of Sport Science Lab this past year and working with the unique equipment they have at their facility I was eager to bring some of this equipment to Winnipeg.  


I created Reform Athletics to offer a fresh approach to training that can be practiced by anyone regardless of age, ability, or injury.  Everyone has a unique set of needs, goals, and even, limitations or injuries.  My programing is customized to best serve each of my clients.